Model motion in response to the “Refounding Labour” consultation

Model motion in response to Peter Hain’s review, circulated by the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy.

This CLP believes that:

1. The review of the Party’s policy-making is very timely;

2. The number of motions to be considered by our Party’s annual conference should no longer be restricted to eight but should be increased to at least 12;

3. CLPs and affiliated organisations that submit a resolution should no longer be debarred from also submitting a rule change;

4. Motions may be on any matters of concern to CLPs and affiliates and should not be ruled out of order on the grounds that they are deemed to be insufficiently “contemporary” or that they could have been sent elsewhere;

5. Policy documents presented to Conference should be open to amendment and to being voted on in parts.

This CLP also believes that, in order to give members increased confidence that the policies agreed will be properly taken forward:

a. The decisions of conference should be respected by the party leadership and included, where appropriate, in our manifesto;

b. The shortlisting and selection of parliamentary candidates should be conducted by the local Party members without external intervention;

c. The number of seats on the party’s National Executive Committee elected by constituency members should be increased from six to ten, including one seat each chosen by constituency members in Scotland and Wales.

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