Tackling the problems which “Refounding Labour” admits are there

Peter Hain, appointed to the job by Labour leader Ed Miliband, has put out a document, “Refounding Labour”, which is to be the new basis for the review of party structure opened by the Labour conference in 2010.

Click here to download Peter Hain’s document and click here for the “consultation” website.

Hain writes of:

● “tension between rank and file members, affiliated organisations, and elected representatives”;

● “trend towards open [sic] discussions with all views being summarised and forwarded [to the trash-bin] rather than voting on old-style resolutions”;

● “members… wonder[ing] what the point is of trying to influence policy-making…”

● “CLPs holding discussion meetings… without any tangible link to actual policy-making…”

● “command and control culture”;

● “party members [feeling] they had no influence on policy outcomes”.

Activists should contrast Hain’s document with Labour Party Democracy Task Force report, and make submissions to the consultation accordingly.

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